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  • ANNA SAMMARONE Retrò Suggestions

    Brocades, swarovsky, tight waist and micro pull. Powdery pastels in a continuous alternation of bright simply whispered colors. A deep journey back to the past.

    Goal € 7.000,00 Days 0 Pre-orders€ 7.021,00 Supporters27

  • 'Put yourself in my shoes' By SD YOHANS

    The Autumn/Winter ’13 designs are inspired by the elegant and quality driven 80’s English furniture designs created by Andre Dubreuil.

    Goal £ 3.950,00 Days 0 Pre-orders£ 3.975,00 Supporters52

  • Amorphose Silver Collection

    designer's provocative use of zipper is the principal feature of the brand:a metal hinge that disrupts the design as it embellishes bags like a silver thread

    Goal € 2.000,00 Days 0 Pre-orders€ 2.105,00 Supporters9